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Generic Tessalon

other equivalent brand names ↓Tessalon (Benzonatate 100 mg)
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Categories: Respiratory Tract

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Brand names: Benz cap (Lupin Limited)
Manufacturer: Lupin Limited

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Experience soothing relief from persistent coughs with Tessalon, featuring the active ingredient Benzonatate. Dive into the unique features that make Tessalon a trusted over-the-counter solution for managing cough symptoms and promoting respiratory well-being.

Key Product Features:

  • Benzonatate's Cough Control: Tessalon's star ingredient, Benzonatate, acts as a cough suppressant by numbing the cough reflex in the respiratory tract. This provides effective relief from persistent and irritating coughs.
  • Non-Narcotic Relief: Tessalon offers a non-narcotic alternative for managing coughs. Its unique mechanism of action makes it a suitable option for individuals seeking relief without the side effects associated with some other cough suppressants.
  • Easy-to-Take Capsules: Tessalon comes in the form of easy-to-swallow gelatin capsules, making it convenient for individuals of all ages. The simple administration ensures hassle-free use for effective cough management.
  • Long-Lasting Cough Relief: Tessalon provides sustained relief, reducing the frequency and intensity of coughing. Its prolonged action helps individuals regain control over their respiratory comfort for an extended period.
  • Calming Respiratory Irritation: Beyond suppressing coughs, Tessalon soothes and calms respiratory irritation. It aids in reducing inflammation and discomfort, promoting a more comfortable breathing experience.

Conditions Treated with Tessalon:

Tessalon is specifically formulated to address various cough conditions, including those associated with respiratory infections, allergies, or irritants. It effectively alleviates cough symptoms, providing relief to individuals dealing with persistent and bothersome coughing episodes.

Advantages of Buying Without Prescription:

Choosing Tessalon without a prescription allows individuals prompt access to effective cough relief. The non-narcotic nature of Tessalon enhances its accessibility, enabling users to manage cough symptoms efficiently without the need for a doctor's prescription.

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