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Generic Acular

other equivalent brand names ↓Acular (Ketorolac tromethamine 0.4% 5 ml)
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Active ingredient:

Ketorolac Tromethamine

Categories: Anti-inflammatoriesAntiallergicEye Care

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Brand names: Acular LS (Allergan)
Manufacturer: Allergan

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Acular, featuring the active ingredient Ketorolac Tromethamine, stands as a potent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) renowned for its efficacy in the treatment of ocular conditions. Dive into the distinctive features and therapeutic applications that make Acular a trusted choice for individuals seeking relief from eye inflammation and pain.

Key Features of Acular:

  • Ocular Anti-Inflammatory Action: Acular belongs to the NSAID class, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Ketorolac Tromethamine in Acular specifically targets and alleviates inflammation in the eyes, offering swift relief.
  • Analgesic Properties: In addition to its anti-inflammatory action, Acular possesses analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, providing comfort to individuals experiencing eye pain associated with conditions like postoperative inflammation.
  • Topical Application: Acular is formulated for topical application, allowing for direct administration to the affected eye. This targeted approach ensures optimal absorption and effectiveness in managing ocular inflammation and pain.
  • Postoperative Ocular Care: Acular is commonly prescribed for postoperative care following ocular surgeries, such as cataract extraction. It helps prevent and treat inflammation and discomfort during the recovery period.
  • Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis: Acular may be indicated for the management of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, addressing the inflammation and itching associated with allergic reactions in the eyes.

Conditions Treated with Acular:

Acular plays a crucial role in the management of various ocular conditions, including:

  • Postoperative Inflammation: Acular is commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation and pain following ocular surgeries, facilitating a smoother and more comfortable recovery process.
  • Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis: It offers relief from the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, including redness, itching, and swelling, providing comfort during allergy seasons.
  • Corneal Pain and Inflammation: Acular may be utilized in the management of corneal pain and inflammation, addressing conditions such as keratitis and corneal abrasions.
  • Uveitis: Acular is indicated in the treatment of uveitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the uvea, providing anti-inflammatory benefits in the eye.

Experience the targeted relief provided by Acular, offering a reliable solution in the management of ocular inflammation and pain. The advantages of obtaining Acular without a prescription provide immediate access to this indispensable ophthalmic medication. However, it is crucial to seek professional medical advice for personalized guidance on usage and dosage, ensuring optimal eye care.

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